Thursday, December 17, 2015

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The Sylhet valley is formed by a beautiful, winding pair of rivers named the Surma and the Kushiara both of which are fed by innumerable hill streams from the north and the south. The valley has good number of haors, which are big natural depressions. During winter these haors are vast stretches of green land, but in the rainy season they turn into turbulent seas.


Dhaka to Sylhet By Bus :

Al Mobarak Paribahan Non AC 400; Ena Paribahan Non AC 470; Ena Paribahan AC Economy 750; Green Line AC Economy 850; Green Line AC Executive 1100; Hanif Enterprise Non AC 450; Mamun Enterprise Non AC 350; Nazim Paribahan Non AC 400; NP Paribahan Non AC 400; Shohagh Paribahan AC Executive 1100; Shohagh Paribahan AC Economy 900; Shyamoli Paribahan Non AC 470; Soudia Paribahan Non AC 440; Soudia Paribahan AC Executive 1100; Soudia Paribahan AC Economy 900; Unique Service Non AC 440; United Paribahan Non AC 480

Dhaka to Sylhet By Train :

Parabat Express 6:40 13:35 150-1020 Tuesday; Joyantika Express 12:00 19:50 150-1020 Thursday; Upaban Express 21:50 5:30 150-1020 Wednesday; Kalani Express 16:00 22:45 150-1020 Friday

Dhaka to Sylhet By Air :

Biman Bangladesh 6:00/16:30 6:40/17:10 4000-6600; United Airways 17:35 18:25 6000-8500; NovoAir 13:10 13:50 6000-8000


Sylhet is the Northeastern Division of Bangladesh.It is Bordered by the Meghalaya,Assam and Tripura States of India to the north.Chittagong Division to the southwest and Dhaka to the west.Sylhet Division surrounded by many natural resource.It is a natural beauty of Bangladesh.It is 12,717 in area,and has a population of 1.38 million.Most of the people of sylhet settle in abroad.There are four district of Sylhet.Sylhet,Moulvibazar,Hobigang,Sunamganj.


Dhaka shah jalal international air port to saidabad bus stand via texy 12k.m. distence 25taka rent 23minit travel roat.Then saidabad bus stand to sylhet kodomtole bus stand via bus 270k.m distance and 6 house travel root.There are two kinds of bus available Ac and nonAc.the rant of ac bus is 1100-1200taka per set and the rant of non ac bus is 350-500taka per set.we will go sylhet from dhaka by train.Shah jalal international air port to kamalapu railway station via texy 18k.m distance 40taka rant 35kminit travel root.There are few train that go to sylhet from dhaka everyday.The dhaka to sylhet trains are parabat express,joyantika express and upaban express.There are 8 house travel root and the rant of per set is 300-350taka.